Operation: One Tale of Ninetales (L9 HCF)

On Saturday night a bunch of Polish agents succesfuly built Homogeneous Control Field of the highest degree so far – 9th, using triple portal found a couple of months ago and thus broke the previous HCF8 record held by the Czech Resistance 😍

Agents successfully managed to create HCF6, and wings. Unfortunately due to bad weather and low GSM signal around triple portal, the operation was aborted.

New dawning brings new hopes – agents @Zaycew007 and @miczel100 tried once again on today’s morning and (after an hour) managed to create remaining links from triple portal 💪

Excellent work and congratulations, agents 💙

🔹Orga Team: @Ibiquer, @panfolek
🔹Intel Operators: @Entity606, @Japex
🔹Ground Team: @0x4721, @Enderand, @dfgg, @Ibiquer, @K041, @Lunithen, @miczel100, @panfolek, @Piglet, @Tuptam, @Zaycew007, @Rajski
🔹Technical Support: @57Cell, @Arweth, @Piglet

Full sitrep available here: https://www.letsmakehcf.eu/operation-one-tale-of-ninetales-l9-hcf/