Our Ingress Stories

What’s that one incredible story you tell when you’re asked “What is Ingress?” A small, crossfaction group of agents are planning to publish a free book about Ingress. They are searching for agents willing to write about their incredible memories from the game, including key moments in the history of Ingress. Read the Guidelines and […]

Operation: Cepheus

💫 One month ago, the Cepheus mega linkstar shined its bright light over the central Europe…A world record was shattered!And a new one was claimed for the Resistance! The cooperation of German, Austrian, and Slovak Resistance, under coordination of the Czech Resistance (CZRES), executed operation Cepheus, a massive linkstar in Czechia, reaching the maximum of […]

The world’s first HCF12 in Kurashiki, Japan “Op. Project D12”

A Japanese Ingress couple created a total of 12-layer homogeneous control field breaking the record of 9-layer homogeneous control field held by Poland.They met four years ago through Ingress, got married two years ago, and now have more FieldArts and operations successful. On September 6, 2020, they made a 12-layer homogeneous control field(HCF12) in Kurashiki, […]


It is with great pride that we can announce the conclusion of this 10 months event, with Resistance ultimately capturing the victory with a lead of 33 points 🙌The following final scores were confirmed by the NIA: 💙🥇195 RESISTANCE💚🥈162 ENLIGHTENED👺🥉060 NEMESIS The Tessellation board is nearly complete and it is now up to the Niantic […]

Operation: One Tale of Ninetales (L9 HCF)

On Saturday night a bunch of Polish agents succesfuly built Homogeneous Control Field of the highest degree so far – 9th, using triple portal found a couple of months ago and thus broke the previous HCF8 record held by the Czech Resistance 😍 Agents successfully managed to create HCF6, and wings. Unfortunately due to bad […]