*RGNN introduction*


Five years ago, if you wanted to know what was happening in the Resistance you had to trawl through G+, wait for an Ingress report or hope someone mentioned it to you. We started RGNN to show the world the awesome operations and adventures Resistance agents take part in every day. Through our Telegram broadcast channel we highlight epic operations with tens of millions of mu, interesting developments at Niantic, and the latest cool competitions. With our essential updates on anomalies and shards we’ve proved our dedication to providing up to the second news that RES on the battlefield (and even lots of ENL) rely on. We will never stop improving and we are proud to see other channels copying our style. There is a reason we have nearly 9000 followers. 


If there is a big event, you know RGNN will have someone in the action. As we added some new reporters recently, let’s see who’s behind the channel:

Ingame Name: BaWow

TG-Name: @BaWow

Level: 15

Where do you play: Versailles, France

What do you like most in Ingress: travelling and making friends all around the World. 

Why are you committed to RGNN: to bring exciting news to the RES agents, encourage them to play and create beautiful fields with Ingress. To cover anomalies in the ticker. Spread the word about Ingress and our faction!


Ingame Name:  Blu3Tr00per

TG-Name: @CristianHB 

Level:  16

Where do you play:  Lima, Perú

What do you like most in Ingress:  Meet people, places and establish a friendship that exceeds distances, play Ingress is a lifestyle, for those of us who like to do different things always and have that ingredient of emotion when organizing, arming and achieving things as a team.

Why are you committed to RGNN: Because it is a means to allow the agents of the world, to know what happens in other parts of the globe, so we feel closer and a stronger faction. Resistance is everything and only united can we obtain victory.


Ingame Name: cayt

TG-Name: @Agent_Cayt

Level: 16

Where do you play: Midwest United States, though I will follow a shard to the ends of the Earth

What do you like most in Ingress:  Ingress has been something that has given me goals to get out of the house, to look beyond my backyard. I have met some of my best friends and people I love dearly through Ingress. I have traveled to so many places, and seen so much that I couldn’t imagine not being part of the community I have found because of Ingress.

Why are you committed to RGNN: RGNN is an interesting mix of people, across many cultures. We come together to bring news and content to so many, and I like being able to help with that. We start discussions in groups of people, and help stimulate thought and ideas. That is a worthy thing.


Ingame Name: emilythorne 

TG-Name: @Emily1337

Level: 16

Where do you play: Hamburg, Germany 

What do you like most in Ingress: Exploring new cities, meeting new people, the Community, the Helpfulness of the Agents 

Why are you committed to RGNN: bringing news and anomaly results easy and in a short way to other Resistance players, especially in the ticker.


Ingame Name: Golro

TG-Name: @Golro 

Level: 16

Where do you play: Singapore

What do you like most in Ingress: The level of commitment and camaraderie at the international level. People come and go, but there is always a core group that helps maintain the network. I always liken it to playing chess where the world is the gameboard and there are 100s of 1000s of autonomous pieces.

Why are you committed to RGNN: G+ has become increasingly unusable as a meaningful source of information. It’s nice to have a curated source of consolidated information about Ingress happenings and, more importantly, resistance related news. 


Ingame Name: Katth

TG-Name: @Katth_nl

Level: 16 (44)

Where do you play: Enschede, Netherlands

What do you like most in Ingress: The best about Ingress is it’s international community. I’ve made many new friends over the years while I was out exploring or planning fielding ops.

Why are you committed to RGNN: I’ve joined RGNN to promote Resistance within Resistance to help motivate people to go out and play the game we all love or hate at times.


Ingame Name: Nearh

TG-Name: @Nearh

Level: 16

Where do you play: Jihlava, Czech Republic

What do you like most in Ingress: That is a hard one, there are so many things I love about Ingress. If I should highlight a couple, it would be travelling and making friends around the world. There is something indescribably beautiful about the Ingress community.

Why are you committed to RGNN: Engaging people, making them feel as a part of something bigger, appreciating their hard work in the field. Bringing news in a fast and easy to understand way for agents to benefit from. Encouraging the Resistance to strive for more.


Ingame name: NomadeSlang

TG-Name: @NomadeSlang

Level: 12 (recursed)

Where do you play: Oulu, Finland

What do you like most in Ingress: I play a lot by foot/skateboard/bike so I partly do it for the exercise, fresh air and overall quality of life improvement… but much more importantly for the fabulous international community, exploration of new places and the totally addictive buzz of warfare in a parallel reality. I rarely play by car so my main focus is local gameplay/community and anomalies. I have participated remotely in 10+ anomalies and been on-site four times. Also I am a professional translator/writer, I work online and I have very flexible hours so I may be available to help RGNN in times/hours of otherwise low capacity.


Ingame Name: Ratoo

TG-Name: @Ratoo

Level: 16

Where do you play: China (Yeah)

What do you like most in Ingress: Having a harmless war in reality, pushing myself to extreme. Capture the moment with fellow agents around the world. Get a few world records to hold. Plus, a total Unique and Mission day junkie.

Why are you committed to RGNN: Empowering our agents around the world about the pulse of Resistance, especially the awesome East Asia smurfs.


Ingame Name: Redfox1701

TG-Name: @Redfox1701

Level: 15

Where do you play: Milwaukee, WI, US

What do you like most in Ingress:  The thing I like most about Ingress is the people. I love to meet other agents from around my area, and the world. It’s amazing the connections you can make with other agents while exploring the world around you.

Why are you committed to RGNN: I like to keep the Resistance up to date with the latest news and events in Ingress. Keeping our agents informed is critical to our future sucess.


Ingame Name: ScarePT

TG-Name: @ScarePT

Level: Almost 3x L16 

Where do you play: I play in a lot of places, usually in Amsterdam or Porto

What do you like most in Ingress: Exploring is the most exciting thing for me in Ingress, especially if you do it with friends and family. Anomalies and Mission Days are my top priority in Ingress, be there know a new city, more friends is always awesome.

Why are you committed to RGNN: Since this game is more than a local community, is always good to know what other RES are doing in other places, sometimes in the other side of the world. I always love to share big blue OPs and this project give me the opportunity to pick all info that I can have access and give them some credit where all RES worldwide can see, instead on my G+ profile where only a few people will see.


Ingame Name: sirVinc

TG-Name: @sirVinc

Level: 16

Where do you play: Hamburg, Germany

What do you like most in Ingress: Global friendships, traveling around the world

Why are you committed to RGNN: RGNN is a great way to learn social media and improving the technical side of it. Also it’s a great support for the global Resistance.


Ingame Name: tabineco

TG-Name: @tabineco

Level: 16

Where do you play: Hiroshima,Japan(IFS Japan Liaison Officer).

What do you like most in Ingress: I love FirstSaturday, MissionDay and Anomaly, I meet games friends regardless of Faction. Cooperate with RES fellows for operations. Travel. Discover someone’s talent and effort, share it with everyone and admire it. Expand my horizons. There are a lot of things I like about Ingress, but I particularly like the XF FieldArts. Draw beautiful art on a big canvas on the world and send out as a message. Don’t you think that’s a very nice thing? When creating FieldArt, weather, malice, insufficient notice problems occur. I am very happy if I can overcome these differences and work together to achieve the same goal. And I think that the same can be said for solving the problems in the real world.

Why are you committed to RGNN:It is time we regain the victory in Anomalies!

Let’s unite on a global scale to achieve a big victory! For that, we need to know each other. I would like to contribute to the victory of RES by sharing activities of RES members around the world with RGNN.


Ingame Name: VanJeffery

TG-Name: @VanJeffery

Level: 16

Where do you play: Wellington, New Zealand

What do you like most in Ingress: Community and teamwork, strategy, the endless possibilities of fields and operations. Mostly I love the people and working with others so the game isn’t just me and my phone. 

Why are you committed to RGNN: Community and inspiration grow when people share their experiences. Being able to network with others and share in their experiences connects us all together as a faction.  


Ingame Name: YRAR


Level: 13

Where do you play: Lebanon.

What do you like most in Ingress: Exploring new places. Meeting new/old people and collaborating with them. The peaceful war-like aspect of operations and anomalies. The informal and friendly First Saturday and Mission Day atmosphere. The excitement of decoding and media hunts. And I enjoy learning from failed and successful ingress projects. In short I try to translate ingress experiences into real life experiences.

Why are you committed to RGNN: Communication is at the core of our human existence! We thrive for information and to know what is happening around us. I am committed to RGNN because i believe that we can communicate through RGNN all the meaningful news and motivation that every resistance agent around the world needs in an efficient and professional manner.