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The Elusive MikeJaga – Adelaide POC

Nestled on the southern coast of Australia, between the Gulf of St.Vincent and lush rolling hills, Adelaide sets the stage for the start of the 2024 anomaly season. RGNN caught up with MikeJaga, one of three Adelaide POC’s.

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The Rucking Titan – Velotriraptor

Sylvi’s (Velotriraptor) journey into the realm of endurance sports began with an unexpected turn. Always the last to be picked for team sports in school, she discovered her passion for triathlon at the age of 38, setting the stage for a remarkable adventure into the world of GORUCK.

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Home Guard: Connecting UK agents one emoji at a time

In the fast-paced world of Ingress, where the need for information is crucial, there’s one channel that stands tall for the UK Resistance: Home Guard. Misseff and LewisB, its dedicated runners, share the story behind the channel, highlighting its importance in keeping Resistance informed and united in their battle.

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