What are XM Anomalies?

Ingress XM Anomaly Events – are FREE city based Ingress events hosted by NIANTIC. Come to the city, play Ingress, enjoy social events and meet other Resistance players. These events are for Resistance players of ALL levels and last approximately 4 hours including 3-4 hours of walking/biking gameplay and an optional two hour social meetup at the end.

Why sign up with Resistance?

The Resistance Faction provides travel and accommodation advice, plans after parties, pre registration events, swag, and coordinated strategic teams for Resistance players to make your anomaly weekend special.

Private and Resistance only events are run by local agents and are not official NIANTIC events.

Support your site!

If you want to, it’s easy to support your site. All our anomaly related events are self-funded by Resistance communities. Use the Hotel button or buy some swag and you are supporting local players to run events for players. Some sites offer global shipment on swag.

Our list is outdated? Please contact us via [email protected]


Unnamed Series Q3/2018 - Part I

July 28th

Unnamed Series Q3/2018 - Part II

August 25th

Unnamed Series Q4/2018 - Part I

October 20th

Unknown Series Q4/2019 - Part II

November 17th

Unknown Series Q1/2019 - Part I

February 23rd

Unknown Series Q1/2019 - Part II

March 23rd

Unknown Series Q2/2019

May 4th

May 11th


May 18th

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