Resistance agents, it’s time to move…
The 2024 Anomalies are in progress and we need YOUR help – join thousands of Resistance agents in capturing these fantastic cities around the world!

Experience great stories & fun with your friends, explore the hidden jewels & food of these sites, defeat the greens and claim the glory – what more to ask for?

This website will provide you with all the information you need to get involved.

XM Anomalies are fun!

Ingress XM Anomalies are FREE city based Ingress events hosted by Niantic and supported for the Resistance agents by our wonderful local organizing teams. The anomaly event is always on Saturday with optional connected events, such as a usual Mission Day event on Sunday and occasional GORUCK challenges & NL1331 visits.

These events are usually approximately 4 hours long, including 3-4 hours of walking/biking gameplay and an optional social meetup at either a Niantic hosted afterparty and results announcement (Primary sites) and/or a Resistance afterparty at the end.

The actual gameplay challenges change between anomaly series, but typically consist of a battle for control of selected portals, a struggle to get movable ornaments (Shards) to the Resistance target portals, creating a longest link chain, achieving most unique portal visits and more…

Anomalies are for everybody!

Whether you are an experienced anomaly veteran or a new agent who is just finding out how Ingress works, there is a place for you at the anomaly!

The Resistance organizers are putting a lot of effort to make sure every need is reflected, there are invaluable assignments for both fast and slow moving or even static teams!

Whatever is your wish, you are a very important agent to us!

Resistance registration is the key!

The Resistance organizers provide travel and accommodation advice, plan parties, merchandise and coordinated strategy for Resistance players, to make your anomaly weekend an epic & immersive experience.

Anomalies are an exceptional opportunity to:

  • Explore a unique city through the lens of an Ingress event
  • Hack lots of unique portals & add cool banners to your profile
  • Meet & party with hundreds of Resistance teammates
  • Make new friends from all over the world & reminisce with old ones
  • Experience a unique strategic virtual battle
  • Gain or improve medals – Anomaly, Mission Day, NL1331, GORUCK
  • Trade lots of swag and have lots of fun.. and good beer.. and cake.. ūüėČ

Support your Resistance organizers!

All our anomaly related events are self-funded by the local Resistance communities for your great anomaly experience. It’s very easy to support the Resistance anomaly site organizers!

By buying Resistance event swag or donating directly, you are supporting local players to run events for players – some sites offer global shipment on swag.

Check our list below to find all the information you need to pick your own Anomaly Site!

Our list is outdated, incorrect or missing something? Please contact us via our Telegram RGNN bot or



shared memories - Q3 2024



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