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Resistance Brazil invites you to experience an awesome Saturday with Ingress and Resistance friends!

Vitória is the capital of the state of Espírito Santo in southeastern Brazil. Located on a small island within a bay where the rivers Doce and Santa Maria converge, it is known for its picturesque landscape, featuring beaches, hills, and numerous small islands.

Don’t miss out on the 45 intense minutes of super fun Shards gameplay. Whether you have previous experience from Anomalies or you’re new to them, your participation is invaluable and you’ll have a chance to make a real difference! The event starts on 8th June at 16:00 local time!

What are Shards?

One of the core gameplay mechanics of the XM Anomalies, it is a graphic element that howers above the portal. Shard jumps from portal to portal at predetermined times along randomly chosen link connected to its portal.

In Shard Skirmishes, 13 Shards will spawn in each city in 3 waves:

16:00 – 3 Shards – will attempt to jump at 16:15
16:15 – 4 Shards – will attempt to jump at 16:30
16:30 – 6 Shards – will attempt to jump at 16:45

The goal of the game is to score them by moving them 250 meters along links where portal on both ends of the link are at least level 4.

Each score Shard earns 0,5 point for the Resistance towards the global Buried Memories Anomaly Season score.

Resistance registration is the key!

The organizers provide advice, plan parties, merchandise and coordinated strategy to make your visit an epic & immersive experience.

  • Explore a unique city through the lens of an Ingress event
  • Hack lots of unique portals & add cool banners to your profile
  • Meet & party with Resistance teammates – make new friends
  • Experience a unique strategic virtual battle
  • Trade lots of swag and have lots of fun.. and good beer.. and cake.. 😉

Curious to know more about Vitória or Shard Skirmish?

We don’t know the exact criteria by which Niantic selects the Shard Skirmish sites, but Vitória is an excellent choice for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Beautiful Beaches: Vitória boasts stunning beaches such as Camburi Beach, Curva da Jurema, and Ilha do Boi, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports.

  2. Historic Landmarks: The city is rich in history with sites like the Convento da Penha, a historic hilltop convent offering panoramic views, and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Vitória, showcasing colonial architecture.

  3. Scenic Landscapes: The unique geography of Vitória, with its mix of coastal areas, hills, and small islands, provides breathtaking views and great opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and sightseeing.

  4. Cultural Attractions: Vitória has a vibrant cultural scene with several museums (e.g., Museu de Arte do Espírito Santo – MAES), theaters, and cultural centers that highlight the local arts, history, and traditions.

  5. Gastronomy: The city offers a rich culinary experience, especially known for its seafood. Traditional dishes like Moqueca Capixaba (a local fish stew) are a must-try for visitors.

  6. Festivals and Events: Vitória hosts various cultural and music festivals throughout the year, providing visitors with a taste of local music, dance, and celebrations.

  7. Shopping: The city offers a range of shopping experiences from local markets where you can buy crafts and souvenirs to modern shopping malls.

  8. Natural Reserves and Parks: For nature enthusiasts, Vitória has several parks and natural reserves like Parque da Fonte Grande and Parque Pedra da Cebola, ideal for hiking, picnics, and enjoying nature.

  9. Friendly Locals: Visitors often find the residents of Vitória warm and welcoming, adding to the overall pleasant experience of the city.

  10. Accessibility: Vitória is well-connected with an international airport and good infrastructure, making it easy for tourists to travel to and around the city.

  11. Proximity to Other Attractions: The city serves as a gateway to other attractions in Espírito Santo, such as the beautiful town of Domingos Martins and the Pedra Azul State Park, known for its stunning rock formations.

Vitória offers a diverse range of activities and sights, catering to various interests and making it a great destination for tourists looking to experience the best of Brazil.

Getting to Vitória, Brazil, can be done through various modes of transportation, depending on your starting point. Here are the main options:

By Air:

  1. Direct Flights:

    • Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport (VIX): Vitória’s main airport, which receives domestic flights from major Brazilian cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, and Belo Horizonte. Some international flights might be available depending on the season and airline offerings.
  2. Connecting Flights:

    • If you’re coming from outside Brazil, you’ll likely need to fly into one of the major international airports in Brazil (e.g., São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport) and then take a connecting domestic flight to Vitória.

By Bus:

  1. Long-Distance Buses:
    • Vitória has a well-connected bus station, Terminal Rodoviário de Vitória (Terminal Carapina), which offers long-distance bus services from various cities across Brazil. This can be a cost-effective way to travel, although it might take longer than flying.

By Car:

  1. Driving:
    • If you prefer driving, Vitória is accessible via major highways. For instance, from Rio de Janeiro, you can take BR-101, which runs along the coast. From São Paulo, you can take BR-116 followed by BR-101.

By Train:

  1. Passenger Trains:
    • Although passenger train services are limited in Brazil, there is a scenic train route operated by Vale that runs from Belo Horizonte to Vitória. This is a longer but scenic option, providing beautiful views of the Brazilian countryside.

Local Transportation in Vitória:

  1. Taxis and Ride-Sharing:

    • Upon arrival, you can use taxis or ride-sharing services like Uber for local transportation within Vitória.
  2. Public Transportation:

    • The city has a public bus system that covers most areas. It’s an affordable option for getting around the city.

Tips for International Travelers:

  1. Visas and Documentation:

    • Ensure you have the necessary visa and travel documents required to enter Brazil. Check with the Brazilian consulate or embassy in your country for specific requirements.
  2. Currency:

    • The local currency is the Brazilian Real (BRL). It’s advisable to have some local currency on hand for smaller purchases and transportation.

By choosing the most suitable mode of transportation based on your starting location and preferences, you can reach Vitória and enjoy its diverse attractions and beautiful scenery.

Getting around in Vitória, Brazil, is relatively straightforward due to the availability of various transportation options. Here are the primary ways to navigate the city:

Public Transportation:

  1. Buses:

    • Vitória has an extensive public bus network that covers most areas of the city and surrounding regions. Buses are an affordable and convenient option for getting around. The main bus terminals include Terminal Vila Velha, Terminal Carapina, and Terminal Ibes.
    • Buses operate on a fixed schedule and routes can be checked online or at bus stops.
  2. Taxis:

    • Taxis are readily available throughout the city, especially in busy areas like airports, bus terminals, and major tourist spots. Ensure the taxi uses a meter or agree on a fare before starting your trip.
  3. Ride-Sharing Services:

    • Ride-sharing apps like Uber and 99 are popular in Vitória. They offer a convenient and often cost-effective way to get around the city.

Car Rentals:

  1. Renting a Car:
    • Several car rental agencies operate in Vitória, including international and local companies. Renting a car can be a good option if you plan to explore areas outside the city or prefer the flexibility of having your own vehicle.
    • Keep in mind that traffic can be heavy during peak hours, and parking may be challenging in some areas.


  1. Bicycle Rentals and Bike Lanes:
    • Vitória has been improving its infrastructure for cyclists, with several bike lanes and paths available. You can rent bicycles from various shops or use bike-sharing services available in the city.
    • Cycling can be a pleasant way to explore the coastal areas and parks.


  1. Exploring on Foot:
    • Many of Vitória’s attractions, especially in the city center and along the coastline, are within walking distance of each other. Walking is a great way to experience the local culture and scenery.
    • Ensure you have a map or a reliable GPS app to navigate the city streets.

Water Taxis:

  1. Water Transport:
    • Given Vitória’s island geography, water taxis and ferries are available for certain routes, offering a scenic and unique way to travel between different parts of the city and nearby islands.

Tips for Getting Around:

  • Language: While many people in the tourism industry speak some English, it can be helpful to know basic Portuguese phrases or use a translation app.
  • Safety: As with any city, be mindful of your surroundings and take standard safety precautions, especially when traveling at night or in less crowded areas.
  • Local Information: Keep a local map and contact information for your accommodation handy in case you need assistance.

By using a combination of these transportation methods, you can efficiently and enjoyably explore Vitória and its surroundings.

In Shard Skirmishes, we play in teams. This can be you and your friends, or we will assign you a team optimized to your speed, language and experience.

Your timetable will depend on your team’s assignment. Playing in a coordinated group helps us to coordinate everything on the day, and is the only way we can win the Shard Skirmish.

Once you register with the Resistance, we will explain the whole Shard Skirmish and everything you’ll need to do on the day in detail.

No, you don’t need to do any registration with Niantic, you only have to register with the Resistance!

To earn the Buried Memories Anomaly medal, you have to:

  1. Interact with the Rare Battle Beacon deployed by Niantic (NIASection14) on Shard Spawn portals 18 minutes before jump – interaction can be deploy / upgrade resonator (not your own), attack / destroy resonator, destroy portal mod, destroy link, recharge resonator locally (within 40m).
  2. Hack any portal where a Shard is currently present – last wave of Shards remain present for 4 hours after the end of the event until 20:45 local time.

Any of these unique interactions will grant you +5 points towards the Buried Memories statistics and you only need 5 points to earn the Medal.

Whether you are an experienced anomaly veteran or a new agent who is just finding out how Ingress works, there is a place for you at the Shard Skirmish!

The Resistance organizers are putting a lot of effort to make sure every need is reflected, there are invaluable assignments for both fast and slow moving or even static teams!

Whatever is your wish, you are a very important agent to us!

The Vitória Shard Skirmish will take place on Saturday, June 8th, 2024, from 16:00 to 16:45 local time!

However, your team will be likely to meet up earlier in the day so that everyone can get to know each other.

Unfortunately not, Shard Skirmish is a stand-alone event and does not include Mission Day, NL1331 or GORUCK as XM Anomalies usually do.

Of course! If they want to participate they can either sign up with our registration themselves, or if you are not comfortable with that, you can always tell our Event Leader and your Team Lead about it.

Please make sure to follow the Ingress Terms and Conditions.

Yes! You can provide them with items, set up farming events prior to the Shard Skirmish, and tell other people about it and where to sign up.


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