🏆EMEA Region Shard Skirmish Results

đź’ŞThe Resistance has won the Buried Memories EMEA Shard Battle in a BLOWOUT victory!

Points: RES 93,5 â€“ 28 ENL
Shards: RES 187 â€“ 56 ENL

We’ve shown great teamwork and resilience, securing a solid lead in this battle!
Well done to everyone who participated in both onsite and remote roles. đź’™

🎉As the Buried Memories series progresses, the Resistance now stands at 253,5 points, with ENL at 187.

Let’s keep up the good work, scoring shards, joining anomalies, and supporting each other!

Next up are the long awaited Anomalies in Naha on May 18th and Chicago on May 25th!

Remember, every action taken contributes to the overall success of our faction! đź’™

Link to detailed scores for each site: https://ingress.com/news/2024-buriedmem-results