Battle for Q3 CTRL Anomaly Series

Awesome Resistance Agents,

The anomalies as we have known them are back and the global Resistance community needs your aid in defeating the Enlightened during the Q3 CTRL Anomaly Series. 💙

🔹Veteran agents, your skills & experience are invaluable and required on the battlefield 💪

🔹If you are new or think you can’t contribute – don’t worry – there is a place for EVERYONE on our team!

🔹Meet old friends & make some new in exciting cities all around the world 🌍

🔹Experience the thrill of anomaly battles & awesome parties once again 🥳

We are looking forward to meeting & fighting alongside you (and after the battle partying alongside you) in these 6 fantastic cities around the world, all of which present a unique adventure worth exploring:

2023-08-19Oslo, Norway, Mission Day, NL1331
2023-08-19Charleston, WV, USA, Mission Day
2023-08-19Songpa, South Korea Day
2023-09-16Kobe, Japan, MD, NL, Marketplace
2023-09-16Reims, Francehttps://reims.willbe.blueMission Day
2023-09-16Tacoma, WA, USA, Mission Day

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See you out there, agents!
#ExistToResist #ResistanceCTRL #TakeCTRL