The MZFPK is counting down.. ⏳

With only a week to go, are you prepared?
Are you ready?!
We, Resistance, need your help to claim victory! 💙

In case you’ve missed it; on Saturday, 18 March the MZFPK XM event «HexQuest» will take place globally.

If you complete the following 6 tasks between 00:00 and 23:59 local time, you will earn a shiny new badge and help Resistance globally to earn victory for the event.

1. Trek 6 km
2. Complete 60 hacks
3. Deploy 60 Resonators
4. Deploy 16 Mods
5. Earn 60 Glyph Points
6. Destroy 24 Resonators

Easy-peasy right? Exactly!
We hope to see you all participate! 💪

PS: Share your thoughts & feelings with global Resistance team-mates in our MZFPK action group..

With a set of 6 quests to do for MZFPK, why not make the trek more engaging with some limited edition mission banner 💫

We prepared one for you with a simple message we want every Resistance agent to hear:


Help us spread this signal all around the globe by creating and completing these missions next Saturday with your team-mates 💙

All instructions and pictures can be found here!

Every Resistance agent that completes the Hex Quest brings us closer to victory! 🙌

See you out there! 💪