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🏆EMEA Region Shard Skirmish Results

💪The Resistance has won the Buried Memories EMEA Shard Battle in a BLOWOUT victory! [...]

🏆APAC Region Shard Skirmish Results

💪In a display of unity and determination, the Resistance showed remarkable strength in the Buried [...]

Unearth the Buried Memories!

Awesome Resistance Agents, the Q2 2024 Buried Memories anomaly series is imminent and the Global [...]

Year 11 Anniversary & Battle for Discoverie

Resistance, the Ingress Year 11 celebrations have started on Friday, 10th November, at 1700 UTC!! Happy [...]

Battle for Q3 CTRL Anomaly Series

Awesome Resistance Agents, The anomalies as we have known them are back and the global [...]


The MZFPK is counting down.. ⏳ With only a week to go, are you prepared? Are you [...]

Niantic released 2023 anomalies schedule!

Niantic has announced all the 2023 Anomalies at once! In addition, the details of MZFPK [...]


A huge thanks to all the agents that contributed to our victory by travelling to [...]

Resistance wins Superposition Phase 1

Final score ENL 240:246 RES! Congrats Resistance Agents worldwide for capturing Superposition Phase 1! 💙 [...]

Operation: Cepheus

💫 One month ago, the Cepheus mega linkstar shined its bright light over the central [...]