How to use RGNN, submit and FAQ

Some years ago, if you wanted to know what was happening in the Resistance you had to trawl through G+, wait for an Ingress report or hope someone mentioned it to you.

We started RGNN to show the world the awesome operations and adventures Resistance agents take part in every day. Through our Telegram broadcast channel we highlight epic operations with tens of millions of Mind Units, interesting developments at Niantic, and the latest cool competitions.

With our essential updates on anomalies and shards we’ve proved our dedication to providing up to the second news that RES on the battlefield (and even lots of ENL) rely on. We will never stop improving and we are proud to see other channels copying our style. There is a reason we have nearly 10,000 followers.

If there is a big event, you know RGNN will have someone in the action.


We want

  • Delivering news about Resistance and Ingress
  • We try to be very accurate and professional
  • Our content serves the motivation of the global Resistance
  • Posting international field projects with 2 involved countries/states or Mind Units over 10 000 000
  • Great field arts
  • Special stories

We don’t

  • Post rumours
  • Reveal our sources
  • Copy/Paste news from other resources
  • Blame/troll Niantic/ENL/cheater

A: We want to motivate the Resistance. It’s important for us to have happy agents on our ticker. Please submit your sitrep with pictures of happy agents and your operation (field, linkstar…)

A: You can send us your message via our

bot on Telegram

Q: Where can I find the content shared by RGNN?

A: We are using different platforms to share content.




Official news by Niantic





Live anomaly ticker to broadcast official results




RES promotions for anomalies





Big operations by RES agents





Content created by RGNN




Announcement of new event dates





Pictures of operations

  • Mission Days, Field Test, First Saturday, anomaly teams, small operations



A: As a global news channel we have some requirements for a post on our ticker:

  • Your operation must have more than 10 000 000 Mind Units
  • Your operation must involve two countries or states (US states e.g.)
  • If you have a great backgroundstory we have to review your content individually

For all sitreps below those requirements the Resistance has national news channels. Please visit Global News Channels

If your field is below our requirements we’ll share it on our Instagram.

A: Our main goal is to motivate agents to go to any anomaly they can and want. To get attention for your anomaly we offer 3 posts for a site:

  • Your official poster with your registration link
  • The opening of your swag shop
  • Mission Day announcement and/or other events

If you want more audience you can also do a Ingress operation like:

  • Field art
  • Create lots of mind units
  • Other creative

Sometimes there are more possibilities:

  • Announcement for GORUCK events
  • Other surprises by Niantic

A: For a long time we started with RGNN as a ticker on Telegram. Our goal was to support the global Resistance community. Part of the support is the promotion of anomalies.

With the registration start of the top level domain .blue the Resistance used the domain in combination with the city name for anomaly registration pages. is the global landing page created by RGNN. Translated in 9 languages we are trying to give new and experienced agents an overview of the global activities.

The registration pages and our landing pages are operated by different teams.

A: Resistance Global News Network

A: We share our content on public platforms without any restriction. If you send us information we’ll take care of the OPSEC.

A: We are a global team from different countries. It’s not easy to keep the reporter list up to date. Mostly we have round about 25 agents with different skills.