Year 11 Anniversary & Battle for Discoverie

Resistance, the Ingress Year 11 celebrations have started on Friday, 10th November, at 1700 UTC!!

Happy Ingress Anniversary! 🕯

🏅Enjoy its perks to the fullest:

🔹2x AP for all actions
🔹2x L8 resonators deploy
🔹2x defense items from blue portals
🔹2x attack items from green portals
🔹Drone reduced to 11 minutes
🔹Overclock extended to 110 seconds

All agents that have earned any AP since the last anniversary will receive the Paragon medal 🏅 according to their level (16+R,15,13,09,03)

But most importantly, fire up those Kinetic Capsules for the Discoverie Challenge, bringing a 1.331 multiplier to the series score, because it now takes a mere:

👉 1 KILOMETER to complete and you can activate 11 of them at the same time 😍🙌😍

And because competition spurs excellence, we’ve prepared 5 unique swag-packs 🥰 from this year’s past & future anomalies that we will send to a randomly selected lucky few of you 🫵 who completed 30 programs!! 💙

The only thing you need to do to join the draw, is to sign-up & upload your statistics to TheGrid 👉 once you’ve completed the challenge!

So grab all your friends, bring out the retired agents for one more time, fire up those Hypercube or Virus programs, and walk your kilometers with this exclusive RGNN Banner! 😍

Submit RGNN’s Pathway to Discoverie in your cities around the world! 👈

And then join us in battle & party during the last two parts of the Rubicon 2023 Anomaly Sequence in these 9 fantastic sites around the world of the Q4 Discoverie Series to really exploit that 1.331 multiplier as much as we can!!!

Nov 18thBangkok, Thailand, Mission Day, NL1331
Nov 18thPalermo, Italy Day
Nov 18thAtlanta, GA, USA Day
Dec 16thHonolulu, HI, USA, Mission Day, NL1331
Dec 16thIzmir, Turkey Day
Dec 16thColombo, Sri LankaTBAMission Day

Thank You so much for continuing to play & party with us, whether you’re in the game for the full 11 years or you just started 🫶

  • RGNN Team