Operation: Cepheus

💫 One month ago, the Cepheus mega linkstar shined its bright light over the central Europe…
A world record was shattered!
And a new one was claimed for the Resistance!

The cooperation of German, Austrian, and Slovak Resistance, under coordination of the Czech Resistance (CZRES), executed operation Cepheus, a massive linkstar in Czechia, reaching the maximum of 8399 incoming links, but at times jumping to 8405 and possibly more, establishing the new World LS Record ⭐️

A big thanks belongs to over 300 agents in Prague, Dresden, Vienna, Munich and many other cities.

The assistence of the RESWUE team, the Vanguards and Niantic is also very much appreciated!

Now, in this elaborate sitrep of the project, you can follow the story behind the Cepheus from day one, up until today and perhaps into the future…

📘It is available now for all on OneRing+ and the Ingress Forums

Or if you just like quick and powerful stories, you may want to check out this video sitrep instead ⭐️

Who’s gonna be next? Will Niantic lift the maximum limit?
Thank you so much for being with us on that memorable day 💙
Stay safe, agents!