The world’s first HCF12 in Kurashiki, Japan “Op. Project D12”

A Japanese Ingress couple created a total of 12-layer homogeneous control field breaking the record of 9-layer homogeneous control field held by Poland.
They met four years ago through Ingress, got married two years ago, and now have more FieldArts and operations successful.

On September 6, 2020, they made a 12-layer homogeneous control field(HCF12) in Kurashiki, Japan and broke the world record!

The operation started at around 21:30 on September 5, and was completed at 2:22 on the next day after about 5 hours of construction.

This is the first time for Japan to be at the top in HCF record, since HCF8 were created in Germany in Jan. 2020.

More information on how this was done and more information about Homogenous control fields as a whole can be found on