the lexicon hexathlon events have been postponed indefinitely in 2020 - their future is unknown !!

What are Hexathlons?

Hexathlon Events – are FREE city based Ingress events hosted by NIANTIC. Come to the city, play Ingress and meet other agents. These events are for players of ALL levels and consist of 2 hours of walking/biking gameplay and an optional social meetup at the end.

What to expect from a Hexathlon?

Hexathlons consist of series of individual challenges for agents to complete, these challenges may vary in each Hexathlon series.

There are 30 minutes to hack the registration portal to receive instructions. Following is the 90 minutes game window in which 6 individual challenges need to be completed.

Agents that complete all 6 challenges, will receive Hexathlon Series scanner medal.
Agents that complete all 6 challenges and also place in 10% best in any of the challenges, will unlock a higher level of this scanner medal, the elite Hexathlon Series scanner medal.

Registration is done through the Ingress Prime app.
These events are not limited by number of agents, free tickets will never run out.

Why attend a Hexathlon?

Hexathlons are a great opportunity to meet and compete against other agents of both own and opposite faction from all over the world. These events don’t require lots of preparations, leaving plenty of time for socializing, doing mosaics or anything you like in Ingress.

Support your Hexathlon site!

If you want to, it’s easy to support your site. Although Niantic doesn’t formally require local community organizers or any player-made add-ons to Hexathlons, some of the communities decided to provide agents that visit their site with the best possible experience. These add-ons are fully funded by local volunteers. Buy some swag and you are supporting local players to run events for players. Some sites even offer global shipment.

Are you interested in more team oriented events?
Check our page about Ingress anomalies and support the Resistance!

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Schedule in local time:

  • To Be Announced

Individual challenges:

  • To Be Announced

New Character medals in the in-game store:

  • To Be Announced

Official add-on events on TBA (if requested)

  • Mission Day
  • RuckTheBox (organized by GORUCK)

Lexicon Hexathlon (TBA)