A huge thanks to all the agents that contributed to our victory by travelling to the Impact Sites, tirelessly fighting in the Connected Cells or winning Battle Beacons all over the world! đŸ’Ș

Global Battle-Beacons: 🧐 RES 64 : 66 ENL

Impact Sites Battle Beacons: đŸ€ RES 58 : 72 ENL

Impact Sites Shards: 😎 RES 65 : 61 ENL

Connected Cells: đŸ„ł RES 75 : 55 ENL

With final result RES 262 : 254 ENL, the Resistance has won the Second Phase of Superposition !! đŸŸ

And thus with RES 508 : 494 ENL, the Resistance has also won the whole Superposition Anomaly Series !! 🙌💙🙌

The next Anomaly Series is the Epiphany Dawn – the only thing we know about it so far is the Meganomaly in Los Angeles, USA, on 12th November 2022. Stay tuned as we report on new developments…

😍 #ExistToResist @ 💙