About the Alliance of the Vanguards program

Niantic is expanding the Vanguards from 24 to 36 Members. In addition to 12 new members, some will also resign. They’re outside volunteers, working with Niantic and community managers, provide feedback but are not official employee or affect the game, and there is NDA involved. For more info, visit:https://niantic.helpshift.com/a/ingress/?s=agent-protocol&f=about-the-alliance-of-the-vanguards-program&p=web Be sure to fill the form […]


GORUCK will make some big announcements later in this year like new events. But for now they asked you to fill out a feedback form: https://forms.gle/5dx847SbBHhnHvPr9 To better understand the playerbase, find out how they are doing and how they can improve. And to find out where they should make the next event.

Interview with Dominik Schönleben (NIANTIC Community Manager EMEA)

At the anomaly in Warsaw we had the opportunity to do an Interview with the new Community Manager EMEA: RGNN: Hello Dominik. Thanks for taking the time for this short interview. We start with a question, which most players are familiar with. Does your Agent name has a special meaning – and if yes, what? […]