Interview with Agent TheFinalDestiny, the winner of Smurf the Earth 2018

Interview with Agent TheFinalDestiny, the winner of Smurf the Earth 2018

Hello Agents, we did an Interview with the Agent that won Smurf The Earth 2018.

Agent TheFinalDestiny from Singapore now tells us his story about Smurf the Earth 2018.

How long have you been playing Ingress, and why did you start playing?

There are 2 parts to this story…

I was introduced to the world of Ingress when Niantic announced Pokemon Go in September 2015. Since I had a lot of time on my hand, I decided to give it a try. I started with D3stiny1989 but soon changed to D3stinyX. The first agent I met was @RadicalRat. Thru his guidance and introductions into the community, I soon found where I belonged. I gave my best to the community, supporting ops whenever and wherever i am needed. In September 2017, due to personal reasons, I decided to stop and submit my account for deletion.

Fast forward to 2018, the new anomaly series was announced and Singapore was chosen as Primary site. Being pestered, I came back to help out what could be my last Singapore Anomaly. TheFinalDestiny appeared in comms on February 2018.

How did you prepare for the competition?

From the start, I decided to play for the entire two weeks of #SmurfTheEarth competition. One week i focused on stats for building and another week on stats for destroying.

With clear priorities, I could better manage my inventory, keeping only what I needed.

From experience from EXO Fielding event in 2017, a lot of SBUL is definitely needed, if I ever want to get the top ranking for fielding and linking.

Hence my journey of joining numerous dinners and flash farms, asking/begging for SBUL. Not sure how many SBUL I used; people were still donating them to me throughout the competition week.

Next i needed to pre-farms the keys and look for other players to hold keys for me.

After that is done, i prepared myself mentally for the longest 2 weeks of looking at my phone.

Were you surprised to win this competition?

I actually felt more relieved than surprised. The Grid weekly stats helped me keep track of my progress, and I saw I was the top for quite a number of the stats. But the complex calculation of the competition really got worried; I wasn’t sure if my plan to focus on different stats for each week was the ideal method. When the results was announced and I realised I won the Ultimate Smurf, I heaved a sigh of relief.

Tell us about your adventures during the two weeks.

For 1st week i did nothing but farm keys, link and field. Once all my pre-farmed keys were used up, i started farming for more keys in the morning and fielding in the late afternoon. I repeated this process for the entire week. Sadly, for this week I just stayed in one area, repeating the AP Engine day and night. Except when I met others to collect more SBUL. From power naps at the nearby Mcdonald’s to farming keys under the burning sun, I was still really surprised that I managed to get more than 10k fields. This wouldn’t be possible if not for the SBUL contributions from the community.

For 2nd week, everyone, including myself, was caught off-guard by the announcement of Cassandra Neutralizer event. The Enlightened were not deploying, let alone fielding or linking. Nevertheless, I just focused on stats that will benefit me more. The event did help me to get unique captures easily. I also didn’t have to worry about portals capture, deploying mod and resonators – Everywhere I went portals, were always neutral. During the day, I simply busgressed all around Singapore for UPV and UPC. At night, I would start at one end of Orchard Road, and slowly walk, mod and deploy every portal i could reach. By the time I reached the half-way mark of the long road, portals at my starting position would have been destroyed. So, I would make my way back and start all over again.

What advice would you give to people who want to win next time?


SBULs and Jarvises play a huge part in getting a high number of link and fields with the least effort.

2)Plan an overseas trip to places you never been to before. UPV and UPC seems to contribute a lot, based on the current #SmurfTheEarth scoring model.

3)Involve your community. Ask for their help to hack keys and farm mods for you. Every little bit helps to give you additional time to focus on other stats. There will be days when you will ask yourself why you are doing this. With people supporting you before and throughout the competition, the least you can do is follow through to the end.

Winning the title of Ultimate Smurf is definitely one of my greatest achievements since i started Ingress, and this wouldn’t have happened without the support from the Singapore Resistance Community.

Lastly, I would like to give thanks to all the agents who helped me out for this competition.

The friends who gave me all your SBUL and mods, and lent me inventory space to store my keys:







and many many more.

Also special thanks to the agents from a certain region in Singapore, who have been maintaining their RP8s everyday. With that i could easily replenish my inventory and increase my glyph hack points.

Special mention to @hsinergy for organising a flash farm on a weekend so that i can finally get my Onyx Translator to finally reach level 16 during #SmurthTheEarth. LOL

Last but not least, the people who keep pestering me to come back to the game after i decided to leave.





If not for you guys, all of this wouldn’t have happened and i will just be at home counting the days….

Thanks for this interview. Hopefully you join Smurf The Earth 2019 then as well.

Enjoy your new RESPACK soon, its on its way to Singapore.

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