#BlueBlinks 25 Sep 2019 and First Blinks

RGNN presents #BlueBlinks
Your Resistance Updates every 2-3 week summed in small “blinks”.




  • Check this amazingly written sitrep for Operation: BBW involving Moravia, Austria, and Slovakia
  • Op. Minibagmarseille 6.7 million MU in 12 layers
  • Operation Goodbye Redacted with a bluetiful blanket of over 60 Million MU
  • 8 million MU in Operation Eskiljoe – Denmark
  • 3.4 billion MUs were captured in this multinational operation over Africa.
  • Austro-Czech Resistance collaboration fielded 54 layers totaling 2.4 million MU 1 covering Eastern Austria and Moravia including Vienna & Brno.
  • In preparation for the Umbra anomaly in Gothenburg 30 agents built approximately 70 fields and 30 million MU
  • 17 Layers totaling 30+ million MU were built over Ruhrgebiet in Germany by 10 agents.
  • Blue Dragons Mad 2.0 team covered Madrid again (in less than two weeks), with 14 layers and total of 40 million MU
  • St. Petersburg was also very blue with over 41 million MU


  • OpsSeafood in Kuala Lumpur securing over 112 million MU in 22 Layers
  • 9*Good bye to Redacted from Taiwan: Last Link Star of Redacted with 416 links.
  • Right after FS Chittagong, Bangladesh, four agents made beautiful field of 27 layers, for 20+ million MU each


You can find many many other sitreps on https://plus.res.blue/c/sitreps

In order to be featured in the upcoming #BlueBlinks

  • Write a sitrep at plus.res.blue/c/sitreps
  • Make sure to include some information about your operation/field/art/… as well as cool pictures (we will feature everything you send us as long as it is resistance! On #BlueBlinks there are no MU limit! Show the world what your community can do!)
  • Also make sure to tag your sitrep with the hashtag #BlueBlinks and #RGNN
  • Send us the information including the url to the sitrep on telegram to @RGNNBot